As a team of hard-core developers, we take pride in the final results of our work. Some projects have limited timespan, but we think that it's important to remember our work and contributions.


The primary website of the European Environment Agency

Plone 6 / Volto / React

Following a long and complex process that had its roots in 2019, we worked on the development of the EEA Design System and its implementation as part of the Plone 6 and Volto platform.

EEA Semantic Search

We've developed the EEA Semantic Search, a full-blown enterprise solution that provides a through the web configurable search interface implemented in React, backed by Elasticsearch and the EEA NLP Service.

EEA Websites Crawler

We've developed the EEA Websites Crawler, a custom indexer and harvester using Apache Airflow as the job scheduler and task runner, integrated with Elasticsearch and the EEA NLP Service

EEA NLP Service

The NLP service augments the EEA Semantic Search with NLP capabilities such as semantic search and direct question answer snippets.

EEA Classic search

A custom Nodejs and jQuery-based search server. It uses the EEA Semantic Database and Semantic Web technology such as RDF technology to harvest and index EEA websites

EEA Indicators Management System (IMS)

Among the first projects we did for EEA, the IMS is a backoffice to manage a complex hierarchical structure of information that ultimately converges as the EEA Indicators Specifications and Assessments.

Frontend and backend development

The EEA website is a large and extremely complex corporate website. We have been directly involved in the technical implementation of its public facing pages using technologies such as Plone, Zope, Python, jQuery and Bootstrap.


European Climate Adaptation Platform

Upgrade to React and Volto

We're upgrading the website to use Volto and Plone 6.

Climate-ADAPT Mission on Adaptation

The Mission on Adaptation is the first Volto-powered subsite of the Climate-ADAPT platform.

Climate-ADAPT Health Observatory

We've developed the Health Observatory as a subsite of Climate-ADAPT, using its Plone 4 backend and frontend technologies.

Migration from Liferay to Plone 4

From just an SQL database dump for a website we didn't know, we managed to fully rebuild the content, including its TTW build layout pages and create its Plone 4 counterpart in just a few months. The newly launched platform was a major success that continues to provide daily information to researchers, public administration staff, decision makers, etc.


Biodiversity Information System for Europe

Upgrade to React and Volto

We've upgraded the website to use Volto and Plone 6. As part of this project we've developed many valuable open-source addons, such as volto-slate, the extensible richtext editor that was ultimately included in Plone Volto core.

Plone 4 Backend and frontend development

We've developed the website for several iterations, using Plone 4 classic web technologies such as jQuery, BackboneJS, Ruby on Rails, Python, Zope and Plone.


Water Information System for Europe - Marine

Integration of the EEA Design System

We're working on the integration of the EEA Design System in the current Volto-based system.

Upgrade to React and Volto

We've upgraded the website to use Volto and Plone 6. The existing special modules (MSFD Reporting Data Explorer, MSFD Compliance Assessment Module) had to be integrated in the new React-based frontend.

Assessment Compliance Module

One of the more unique projects that we've worked on so far, this product provides a comprehensive report data viewer and assessment platform for the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, all packaged as a backoffice application for European environmental experts. Tehnologies used: Microsoft SQL, SQLAlchemy, Python, Plone, Diazo

Reporting Data Explorer

The Reporting Data Explorer provides access to the data reported under the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. Tehnologies used: Microsoft SQL, SQLAlchemy, Python, Plone, Diazo

Classic Plone

The website was initially created using classic Plone 4, jQuery and Boostrap, then migrated to Plone 5. WISE-Marine provides access to information and data on the state of Europe’s seas, on the pressures affecting them, and on the actions being taken to protect and conserve the marine environment.


Water Information System for Europe - Freshwater

Integration of the EEA Design System

We're now working on the integration of the EEA Design System in the current Volto-based system.

Upgrade to React and Volto

We've changed the frontend of the website, from the Plone Classic frontend to the React-based Volto framework. As part of this project we've developed Volto's Search block which enabled website editors to create, through the web, search interfaces complete with faceted filters that expose content created on the website.

Initial development

The website was initially developed based on the Plone 5 CMS stack.


Climate and Energy in the EU

Backend and Frontend development

The website was one of the first that we've developed with the Volto React frontend for Plone 6 and it pioneered many development products and techniques that were incorporated in all later websites. We provided lead, backend and frontend development.


Forest Information System for Europe

Development with Volto and Plone 6

The website was fully built, from the ground up, with React, Volto as the frontend server and Plone 6 for the backend. As Volto was still in its infancy at that time, part of this project consisted of major contributions to the bigger Plone 6 project, to bridge the gap between Plone Classic UI and the new React-powered frontend capabilities.

Data visualization platform

We've developed a powerful and extensible visualization platform, enabling website editors to connect data sources (with support for CSV and web SQL endpoints) to parameterized visualization blocks such as charts and maps. This framwork represents one of the main visualizations solutions used by the European Environment Agency in its presentation websites, powering, for example, the various country profiles of EEA's thematic portals.

Land - Copernicus

Copernicus Land Monitoring Service

Plone Classic development

We've developed this website using Plone 4, Zope and Python and classic frontend technologies such as jQuery and BootstrapCSS

Reportnet 2

CDR (Central Data Repository) and Reportnet 2

Enhancements and maintenance

Reportnet is Eionet's infrastructure for collecting of reported environmental information from EU member states. Our role was to develop and maintain the data collection workflows and the overall system.


European Union Agency for Cybersecurity

Knowledge Hub - Enisa NLP Service

We've developed the custom NLP backend that powers the Enisa Knowledge Hub, a search engine for cybersecurity information.

Cybersecurity Challenge 2021

We've developed the ENISA Cybersecurity Challenge 2021 website, using Plone 5, Bootstrap and frontend technologies such as jQuery.


Shared Environmental Information System

Plone 4 backend and frontend

For this project we built 2 Plone 4 sister websites, one providing information for the ENI-SEIS East programme and another for the ENI-SEIS South programme. We've used Plone 4 classic backend and frontend.


European Environment Information and Observation Network

EIONET Migration to Plone 5

We've migrated the EEA classic Zope site to Plone 5, porting also the Eionet Users and Groups administration tools.


The EEA Forum served as an intranet solution for various interest groups. Powered by the Naaya Zope CMS, our role was to provide enhancements and maintaince.

EIONET Users Directory and Groups

A complete user and group hierarchy administration solution that uses LDAP as its backend. Its integration in the EEA websites allows a complete security and authentication solution, where website administrators can manage the entire users directory. Technologies used: Zope, Python, LDAP. Our role was to provide maintaince and significant enhancements to the overall system.

Classic Zope website

A rarity in itself, we provided maintainance and enhancements for this Zope-powered website that provided access to EEA-specific information and reports.


Great Plains Telehealth Resource and Assistance Center

Plone 6 / Volto / React

Powered by Volto and Plone 6, this website provides an information and materials for the gpTRAC organisation.

Vanabbe Museum

One of the first public museums for contemporary art

Plone 6 / Volto / React

Powered by Volto, the React-based frontend for Plone 6, this website provides an immense searchable database of all the visual artifacts and publications that the museum provides.

Utrecht Science Park

Science Park in Utrecht, NL

Plone 6 / Volto / React

Powered by Volto, the new React-based frontend for Plone, this multilingual website serves as an information hub for the formidable Utrecht Science Park.

* For all projects listed as developed for EEA and ENISA, we served as the main developers or the sole team of developers, working in collaboration with our long time partners at Eau de web. During the specified periods we took the lead or had a substantial contribution to the development process.